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Why do we still get lured into promises of certainty that can’t be guaranteed? 

Guarantees on weight loss. On kicking addictions in a month

Guarantees on boosting sales.  On boosting the number of followers. On “10X”-ing your business.

Even guarantees on closeness to God.

Sadly, lots of us including myself are drawn into these alluring promise-laced messages.

And the only certainty we seem to gain is the disappointment and disillusionment that comes when things don’t work out like we expected.

So why do we still get so easily pulled in when the latest dressed up guarantee comes knocking?

My hunch?

In our world of increasing uncertainty, increasing choice and increasing anxiety, we are more prone to cling to anything that promises to give us a temporary reprieve from our already stressed out existences. 

Anything that takes out the worry about future possible outcomes.

Anything that takes out the stress of guessing (and second guessing).

Anything that promises to remove uncertainty.

But here’s something we need to be reminded of - the two things we can truly be certain of seem to be death and taxes. 

In other words…uncertainty is here to stay. 

And if it is, what would it look like to live with it rather than avoid it at all costs? 

Rather than ghosting uncertainty and keeping uncertainty at arms length, what if we took steps to BEFRIEND UNCERTAINTY and gain some of the great benefits from such a relationship?

I’ve been finding my new friend UNCERTAINTY has been helping me to:

  1. Discover new possibilities. Uncertainty prods me to try new ways I didn’t know were available to me. 

  2. Avoid isolation. Uncertainty causes me to reach out and seek new perspectives that I simply couldn’t see on my own.

  3. Grow in sharpness. Uncertainty leads me out of my comfort shelter and onto the edge of the unknown.

Like any relationship, there’s risk. 

But I propose the risk of this particular relationship is worth it.

This risk can open up the possibility of wonder. 

This risk can spark our curiosity. 

This risk can offer us a real peace that comes with living on the healthy edge of the unknown. 

And maybe the greatest benefit of this friendship is that we learn to live in reality.

Dare I say “Dead certainty” is deadening - an escapist fantasy that stops us from truly living.   

Over to you.

Rather than a step away from, what would a step towards UNCERTAINTY look like for you right now?

Take that step. I dare you. And see what happens as you journey with this friend you didn’t know you needed..

Live whole,


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